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Since a new home is usually the most expensive purchase you may ever make, it’s prudent to rely on a trusted, reputable home builder that covers their work with the most complete warranty in the industry. Cayman Builders builds custom homes on your lot, as well as move-in-ready homes, in subdivisions within the best neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida and Waycross, Georgia. You’ll join thousands of satisfied customers who’ve been delighted by the high standards of quality that Cayman Builders delivers. And it’s all covered under your warranty. Fall in love with your new eco-friendly home. Call today for an estimate.

What Is the Cayman Builders Warranty?

Cayman Builders offers the industry-leading, complete 2-10 Home Buyer’s Warranty (HBW). 2-10 refers to two years for a systems warranty and a 10-year structural warranty. Cayman Builders’ custom-built houses also come with a one-year workmanship warranty. The team at Cayman Builders is proud to provide homeowners with a high stand of quality on eco-friendly homes in the best neighborhoods as evidenced by the many customers’ reviews they receive.

Whether you’re buying a custom-built home or one of their pre-built move-in ready quality new houses, Cayman Builders offers the most comprehensive warranty program available. Since 1995, they’ve been helping hardworking Americans achieve their dream of homeownership while standing by the quality of their craftsmanship. Building or buying a new home is one of the most significant investments most people ever make, and Cayman Builders stands by its work.

With countless satisfied customers in both Amelia Island, FL, Jacksonville, FL and Waycross, GA, Cayman Builders is widely considered the most trusted home builder in those markets. They specialize in building energy-efficient homes at affordable prices with the highest standards of quality.

What Is Specifically Covered Under a 2-10 HBW?

The one-year workmanship warranty begins on the day of closing. It covers any defects in the quality of the construction or materials during the first year of ownership. Items covered under this portion of the warranty include:

  • Door panels
  • Countertops
  • Exterior siding
  • Hardwood floors
  • Drywall
  • Fireplace
  • Interior trim
  • Carpet
  • Paint
  • Exterior siding
  • Ceramic tile
  • Roof covering

The two-year systems warranty offers surety coverage for your electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems for two years from the closing date. Under that agreement, Cayman Builders agrees to fix any defects in these systems, such as:

  • Ductwork
  • Electrical wiring or panels
  • Waste piping
  • Supply piping

The 10-year structural warranty offers complete coverage of any structural defects from the day of closing. The home structure refers to the load-bearing elements of your home, so any defect that compromises their function can make it unsafe. Items covered under the structural warranty include:

  • Floor framing
  • Foundation
  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Load-bearing walls
  • Roof framing

What’s the Difference Between a Warranty and Insurance?

Home warranties sometimes get confused with homeowner’s insurance. They are distinct, yet complementary. A homeowners insurance policy covers the losses from unfortunate events over which you or the builder have no control, such as:

  • Fire
  • Storms
  • Vandalism

On the other hand, warranties offer coverage for fixing or replacing parts of your home from normal wear and tear. HBWs cover:

  • Building materials
  • Mechanical systems
  • The building’s structure

What’s the Basis of the 2-10 HBW?

The 2-10 HBW is based on recommendations by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements for homeowners trying to get Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage insurance. These requirements are spelled out in their Code of Federal Regulations at Title 24 CFR 203.200 et seq. 2-10.

The HUD also requires the 2-10 HBW. While HUD doesn’t specify what defective workmanship means, the HBW uses the Residential Construction Guidelines’ standards, which is published by the National Association of Home Builders. These are the guidelines followed closely by Cayman Builders in the best neighborhoods in Florida and Georgia.

The 2-10 HBW wasn’t designed to include every conceivable problem that could occur with a home because it has to be affordable for consumers. Since the year 2000, slightly more than $100 million has been paid out in claims. The low number is due to the HBW’s stringent qualifications for their builders. They look at factors that make the company credible and trustworthy, such as:

  • Financial strength
  • Construction experience
  • Building volume requirements
  • Risk management requirements

Why Choose Cayman Builders for Your Next Home?

Cayman Builders’ warranty program is just the icing on the cake. Warranties, like insurance, are nice to have, but no one really wants to use them. Cayman uses the best available materials while still trying to keep your home affordable.

For customers, affordable doesn’t end at the closing day. Cayman Builders constructs energy-efficient homes, complete with ENERGY STAR® appliances and technologically advanced smart home options. You reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy low monthly energy costs. In addition to loving your community and actively participating in the design and personalization of your new home, your family is safer and healthier because of the high standards Cayman Builders adheres to.

Find or build the house of your dreams in the best neighborhoods of Amelia Island, FL, Jacksonville, FL and Waycross, GA. Cayman Builders’ expert team can help you. Contact them today to find or build your dream home.