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Do I Need a Real Estate Agent When Building a Custom Home?

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Do I Need a Real Estate Agent When Building a Custom Home?

Can you imagine buying a home without a licensed real estate agent looking into every aspect of the deal? If not, Cayman Builders works with your chosen representative. But when you participate in the homebuying process of an eco-friendly home custom built by the best home builders in Amelia Island, FL, Jacksonville, FL and Waycross, GA, you don’t need a Realtor. Cayman Builders employs the best in the industry to handle all the permits, inspections and closing documents for you. You receive a full warranty on your new home, too. You can even use the money you save by not paying a real estate agent on upgrades to your healthy living environment.

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

When you rely on Cayman Builders for your custom-built home, getting a real estate agent involved isn’t necessary. Their team of professionals can prepare all the necessary paperwork usually handled by a real estate agent. If you do feel that you prefer having a third-party Realtor negotiate on your behalf, however, that same team provides you with exceptional referrals if you need one.

Cayman Builders has been in business since 1995. They offer affordable prices for quality new homes with no CDD fees. The building team and administration at Cayman know the areas, as well as the state and local requirements for closing and moving into your new home. You get the same high standard of quality whether you choose to hire your own real estate agent or not.

What Role Do Realtors Play in the Custom Home Building Process?

Many real estate agents aren’t familiar with the custom-building process, so if you do decide to use a Realtor for your custom home build, make sure the agent is aware of the nuances of custom building, such as:

  • The location of the property and the individual lot
  • Land costs before development and building
  • Various sizes of the custom homes the builder offers
  • Total prices of the different kinds of building materials
  • Labor costs in the area at the time of the construction
  • Overall general real estate market conditions for new, custom-built homes, not just comparable existing houses
  • Any builder impact fees charged

Real estate agents experienced in custom home building know the local home builders and build their own relationships with them. Cayman Builders is proud to have a network of Realtors with whom they work successfully for buyers who feel they need that extra layer of protection from someone looking out for their interests.

What Can the Cayman Builders Team Do for Me?

Whether or not you use a Realtor, the professional designers and architects at Cayman Builders can design and plan an eco-friendly home or a technologically advanced smart home for you. Avail yourself of the unique open floor plan designs of the move-in-ready homes in lots developed by Cayman Builders. You can build from scratch on your own lot, too.

But before you get to the construction phase, your Cayman Builders representative works with you to develop a building checklist and find the most appropriate location for your home. In Amelia Island, FL, Jacksonville, FL and Waycross, GA, Cayman Builders knows the best neighborhoods. They can help you make decisions regarding:

Are There Advantages to Hiring My Own Agent?

Having a real estate agent by your side can help you avoid conflicts with your builder. Alternatively, real estate agents move on once you move in, whereas home builders like Cayman Builders stick with you after you move in because they want your referral. They rely on customer reviews for their continued success.

Paperwork can often cause numerous hindrances when you’re trying to build your dream home, especially if you aren’t aware of how the legal proceedings work. You can rely on the Cayman Builders team of professionals to walk you through the paperwork. You can use a real estate agent to handle it on your behalf as well. You may prefer to bring in a third party for such considerations as:

  • Local community bylaws that might affect your building plans
  • Inspection of the land where you’re planning on building
  • Necessary permits and licenses
  • Explanations of some of the legal jargon

What’s the Best Way to Get Started?

Before you hire a real estate agent, contact a representative at Cayman Builders to talk about your options. Visit some of the Cayman Builders properties with your company representative and discuss your dreams. You may find that you, like most of their clients, trust the professionals who live and work in those Southern communities you plan to call home.

If you feel the need for a third-party real estate agent and are willing to pay them for their time, by all means, bring them to the table. If you need a referral, just ask. The goal of Cayman Builders is to get you into your dream home as soon and as easily as possible.