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Closing and Moving

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Closing and Moving

After going through the long wait and complicated process of deciding where you want to live and what amenities you want to include in your new custom-built home, the end sometimes proves to be the most stressful. But when you rely on experienced home builders to help you through the entire process, those final days of closing and moving can be the exciting, fun-filled days you dreamed of. In Jacksonville, Florida and Waycross, Georgia, rely on Cayman Builders to be with you every step of the way, up to and including the day you move into your new eco-friendly custom home. Call them today to get started.

Can My Builder Provide Help with Closing on My New Home?

While buying or building a new custom-built home can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in your life, you have a lot to do. Even after you’ve made decisions about selecting a new community and designing and personalizing your new home, you still must jump through the hoops of the financial closing proceedings. Let the experienced administration pros at Cayman Builders help; they’re knowledgeable about closing requirements and

Unless you’ve done it recently, closing on a new house can be an overwhelming experience. When you buy your home through Cayman Builders, their expert team of specialists stays with you every step of the way. They provide reminders during the process as you follow your building checklist to make sure you stay on top of the details in a timely manner. They may even be able to help with closing cost assistance.

What’s the Timeline for Closing on a Home?

Even though everything happens on one day, closing day, you can’t wait until the last minute to prepare yourself. Think of it as a closing process, which you complete on the final day. Try to stay ahead of schedule and get things ready as soon as possible.

An advantage of building a custom home is that you don’t need a Realtor. A disadvantage is that you won’t have a real estate agent to hold your hand. Some milestones in the process include:

  • Planning stage. Roughly 40 to 60 days before closing, you should contact your insurance agent about securing homeowner’s insurance. Once Cayman installs your kitchen countertops, you can expect your closing date to be in about 50 days. If you’re closing during hurricane season, keep in mind that many insurers won’t issue a policy if a named storm is headed your way, something to consider in Florida and Georgia.
  • Making arrangements. Thirty days from closing, your Cayman Builders representative sends you an email about your closing date, time and location. The email also contains information about your title company and instructions for wiring the money, which you need to do at least 24 hours before closing.
  • Getting ready. Your Cayman Builders representative gives you a new home orientation one week before your closing, and your title company provides you with full disclosure of the financial terms of your mortgage. These terms include your monthly payments and any additional fees. You should contact your local utility companies to ensure that you have water, electricity and telecom services ready for your arrival.
  • Closing day. After your Cayman Builders representative escorts you on a final walk-through of your new home, you need to present your title agent with a driver’s license or another government-issued picture ID and homeowner’s insurance policy. Once everything has been signed, you receive the keys to your beautiful new home.

How Can I Prepare for Moving into My New Home?

Most people consider moving to be a stressful and unhappy experience, but you can avoid some of the pitfalls with proper preparation. And the excitement mounts when you approach the process with a positive attitude, knowing this is your custom dream home. Some ideas to consider that may make the moving process less stressful include:

  • Reducing your belongings. If you’re like most people, you have probably accumulated a lot of stuff that you don’t need. Rather than take it all to your new home, consider getting rid of some of it before you move. Try selling the stuff you don’t need on eBay or during a yard sale. If you don’t have the time or inclination to sell, you can always give your excess belongings to a local charity or family member.
  • Finding a reputable moving company. Research your local movers and find one that’s bonded and licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Check their local reviews to make sure they’re reliable. Ask your Cayman Builders representative to give you some references.
  • Gathering school and medical records. If you’re moving to a new city or neighborhood, your children will attend a new school. You may need a new doctor close to your new location, too. Request the transfer of these essential records as soon as possible to avoid delays.
  • Notifying friends and family. In the hustle and excitement of buying your new home, don’t forget to inform everyone you care about that you have a new address, including the US Postal Service.

Buying and moving into your new home is a rewarding, yet complicated endeavor. Fortunately, Cayman Builders can help you avoid any unnecessary mistakes. Contact them today to get started on moving into the home of your dreams.