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About Cayman Builders

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When the best construction company toots its own horn, it’s because they’re proud to be named one of the top home builders on Florida’s west coast and in southeast Georgia. But when satisfied customers freely heap compliments on a top construction company, that’s something to trumpet. Customers write about the value and ease that Cayman Builders has delivered on every project since 1995. Call today to start your own success story.

Why Choose Cayman Builders for Your Custom-Built Home?

Widely considered the most trusted home builder in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia, Cayman Builders has been designing and building custom-built homes for hardworking families since 1995. Cayman Builders’ dedication to customer satisfaction has generated a lot of positive reviews over the years. Its mission is to remain the top home construction company in the region.

When building a new home, the expert team of Cayman Builders understands that homebuyers have a lot of general contractors to choose from, so they focus on delivering quality new homes at affordable prices. As a result, Cayman Builders delivers the highest quality craftsmanship in the industry.

Specializing in energy-efficient homes, Cayman uses advanced framing techniques to provide a tighter building envelope, which helps maintain your home’s temperature. They also offer other features to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your monthly energy costs, such as:

  • Upgraded insulation
  • High-performance windows and glass doors
  • Hybrid electric water heaters
  • ENERGY STAR® appliances
  • Programmable thermostats

What Separates Cayman Builders from Other Construction Companies?

For about three decades, Cayman Builders has distinguished itself from the competition and become the premiere home construction company in Amelia Island, FL, Jacksonville, FL & Waycross, GA. Family-owned and operated, they understand their customers’ needs and desires to fulfill the American Dream of homeownership in the region’s best neighborhoods.

Cayman Builders doesn’t just build you a gorgeous new eco-friendly home. They believe your home is integral to your happiness and quality of life, so they help you every step of the way with assistance in matters, such as:

They can build you your dream home, or you can choose a wonderful move-in ready home from their inventory of available properties. Whichever route you choose, they take care of you from start to finish. They even provide you with an industry-leading warranty coverage, so you know that they stand by their work.

What Kind of Experience Does
Cayman Builders Have?

The core of Cayman Builders’ team has been together since the company’s founding in 1995. With a combined experience of more than 200 years in home building, construction and real estate transactions, the team at Cayman Builders has an unmatched level of experience.

The core team members each have their own skill set and expertise they put to work for you. When working together, they deliver workflow synergy to make every construction project as efficient as possible. The core team consists of some of the top experts in their field, including:

Mike McCloskey Founder & CEO

In 1995, Mike McCloskey created Cayman Builders with the vision of building beautiful custom homes while delivering a personalized customer experience that’s hard to find in the industry. Mike treats every client like family and spares no efforts making their dream home become a reality. With more than 50 years of professional business experience, Mike has been able to put together a dream team of highly skilled and loyal construction experts. Mike believes deeply in staying involved and giving back to the community. In addition to his commitment to the environment with energy efficient homes Energy Efficient Homes and green building practices, Mike has served in various leadership roles within the communities that he does business.

Richard Sasser Lead Architect & Designer

Richard earned his Master’s degree in Architecture and Design from the University of Florida. Richard has a deep passion for taking a client’s vision from concept to final designs, designing and personalizing your new home to your specifications. He uses his 30+ years of experience to deliver an exceptional product to each and every client. You’ll be thrilled with the custom floor plans and unique open floor plan designs he provides.

Chip Sasser Director of Commercial Development & Transactions,

Chip has more than 30 years of experience working with national brands and high-end retail companies to find and develop the perfect location for their stores. His ability to identify prime real estate opportunities for brands that can support consumer demands has equated to hundreds of successful commercials transactions. Chip brings his expertise to bear to help you choose your lot too.

Johnny Clark Superintendent & Lead Framer

Johnny has been the superintendent, leading the framing crews, from the very beginning of Cayman Builders. His 50+ years of experience has been invaluable to the company’s success. His knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and on time for homeowners. He values the home building checklist and helps you realize its potential. His unique ability to transform a set of plans into the home of your dreams is unmatched in the industry.

Carol McClosey Lead Trim Carpenter

Without the expertise in the home office that Carol brings to the table, none of the work would get done on time and in the most professional manner possible.

Is Cayman Builders Licensed and
Fully Insured?

That’s a question you need to ask every builder and every general contractor in the field. Cayman Builders is licensed and fully insured for residential and commercial construction, as well as sales. They are the proud holders of:

  • Georgia License #RLQA001945
  • Florida License #CBC1261146

While unlicensed and uninsured contractors may offer a lower upfront price, you can often spend far more before completing the project. Without the coverage offered by Cayman Builders, you’re liable for any damages or injuries that happen while they work on your project including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Legal fees
  • Lost wages

A licensed contractor is required to have all of the necessary insurance, so you’re protected from all liability. Not only that, you get the job done right by a professional with a solid reputation. Contact Cayman Builders today to get started on your dream home.