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What Are Pesticide Tubes-in-the-Wall?

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What Are Pesticide Tubes-in-the-Wall?

Foresight is the best way to prevent infestation from pests that breed disease and destruction. Thinking ahead is what your team at Cayman Builders does with aplomb. They’ve developed that foresight from about three decades of building new homes in the best neighborhoods in the South. If you’re looking for a custom-built home in Amelia Island, FL, Jacksonville, FL or Waycross, GA, you too can tap into that experience. Take advantage of the foresight that keeps your home free of pests with pesticide tubes in the wall, inserted during the construction phase. Call today to started planning you dream home.

Can Pests Be Prevented When Constructing a Home?

Southern states such as Georgia and Florida are home to many kinds of unwanted pests — from cockroaches to crickets, spiders to ants. Not only are bugs unsettling and creepy, they also carry disease and create unsafe conditions for your health and your property. The best time to provide protection against pests is during construction of quality new homes.

Cayman Builders is known for constructing the highest quality eco-friendly and energy efficient homes. They provide a high standard of quality that promotes the health and safety of your family and the durability of your new house. In addition to offering a full warranty with your move-in-ready home, they aim to provide a healthy living environment in the homes they construct, which includes installing pesticide tubes in designated walls.

How do Pesticide Tubes-in-the-Wall Work?

If you have pests in your home, they can be growing and multiplying silently over time — long before you even know they’re there. Pesticide tubes-in-the-wall is a series of distribution tubes installed in walls during the construction of a home. Part of your building home checklist, the pesticide tubes work in a straightforward way:

  • Tubes are linked to service ports on the outside of the home.
  • Perforated tubing allows the product to penetrate areas where common pests tend to live.
  • Tubing consistently distributes pest control chemicals throughout the walls.

This type of treatment strikes pests where they hide, live and breed. With the treatment ports on the outside of the home, technicians can inject chemical treatments from outside the home, not inside. Customized treatments are done on a monthly or quarterly basis. Cayman Builders refer you to the best resources available in in your community to maintain the easily accessible treatments on your custom-built home

What Are the Benefits of Using Pesticide Tubes-in-the-Wall?.

There are many benefits of being proactive about preventing infestations, rather than dealing with them after they happen. Benefits of pesticide tubes-in-the-wall include:

  • Minimal exposure to chemicals for you and your family
  • No need to empty out cabinets or move furniture out of the way for pesticide treatments.
  • No stains from treatments, and no messes to clean up.
  • Treatment materials aren’t exposed to sunlight, so they’re effective for longer periods of time.
  • Retreatments are available between scheduled services, if and when you need them.

Since the service ports are outside your home, you don’t have to worry about waiting for a service person to arrive. You don’t even need to be at home when treatments are done.

What Are Other Ways Infestations Can Be Prevented?

The last thing you want in a new home is any type of pest. Besides the installation of tubes-in-the-wall, other steps that can be taken to prevent insect infestations include:

  • Exterior treatments. When periodic treatments are done through the ports of the pesticide tubes-in-the-wall, the technician also treats the exterior of the home, paying special attention to any cracks and crevices. Treatment is reinforced in areas such as doors, windows, eaves and other areas that may be used as an entryway for unwanted pests.
  • Tighter building envelope. A new home must have a seamless connection between walls, roof and foundation. This not only prevents air leaks, but it also prevents unwanted pests from finding any gaps to use as an entryway into your home. This process of securing your home’s exterior walls is an integral part of every custom home built by Cayman Builders.

Custom homes constructed by Cayman Builders are built using upgraded insulation and advanced framing techniques. This helps to provide a tight seal that not only keeps bugs out, but also leads to low monthly energy costs. The pesticide treatments for your Jacksonville, Florida or Waycross, Georgia home fall well within the eco-friendly green guidelines.

Where Can I Find More Information on Pesticide Tubes-in-the-Wall?

When you entrust the construction of your home to Cayman Builders, whether you build on your own lot or purchase a move-in-ready home, your floor plans can be customized to include pesticide tubes and other smart home amenities. Quality new homes by Cayman Builders are affordable, energy-efficient and built using the highest standards.

When you’re designing and personalizing your new home, consider being proactive about preventing pest infestation. Pesticide tubes-in-the-wall provide a virtual barrier that helps to keep your family safe from insects. Contact the Cayman team to get started planning your next new home.